March 30, 2017

Sickening behavior: Four teenagers arrested in Chicago after filming and streaming the torture of a mentally-challenged man


Four teenagers have been arrested in the city of Chicago, after they allegedly tortured a mentally-challenged man and live-streamed his ordeal.

The video, which was posted to Facebook and Reddit, was viewed 62k times before being removed.

In the footage, a man with mental disabilities is seen tied up, gagged, and cowering in a corner while his assailants beat him, screaming “Smack him again. Smack him again.”

The victim was later found wandering around the streets of Chicago in a confused state. He was picked up by police, and his ordeal came to light.

Four people, all 18 years of age African-Americans -including two women- have been arrested.

It is believed the victim knew one of his assailants, as they both attend the same school.

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