🔴BREAKING: Footage of vile scenes of gardai manhandling Enoch Burke's sister to the ground and five heavy gardai manhandle his brother

🔴BREAKING: Footage of vile scenes of gardai manhandling Enoch Burke’s sister to the ground and five heavy gardai manhandle his brother

Unprecedented and chaotic scenes erupted in the Court of Appeal this afternoon when teacher Enoch Burke and five members of his family were forcibly removed from the courtroom by Gardaí.

One person was arrested during the incident.

The events came as the court dismissed Mr Burke’s appeal against injunctions made by the High Court last year ordering him not to enter Wilson Hospital School in Multyfarnham, Co Westmeath.

Burke was at court with her parents Sean and Martina and her siblings, his sister Ammi and brothers Isaac and Simeon.

When it became clear that the court was ruling against him, Ammi Burke interrupted the Chief of Appeals Court Justice, Justice George Birmingham, and began yelling about his brother’s constitutional rights.

The judge told her to sit down and asked the gardaí to escort her out of the room, but she continued to shout at the three judges and was joined by other family members. Martina Burke told the judges they were “bowing before the altar of transgenderism”, reports RTE.

The three judges of the Court of Appeal briefly left the courtroom.

When they returned, the judge said he would continue reading the sentence because they feared justice would be served publicly.

However, after the judges implied that part of Mr. Burke’s case was an exercise in directing,” the family again interrupted them.

Burke called the judge’s comments disgraceful.

After the judges left the bench for the second time, the Gardaí dragged Ammi Burke out of the courtroom.

Fighting, scuffles, and chaotic scenes ensued as other members of the Burke family tried to resist Garda’s attempts to remove them.

RTE reports that Enoch Burke shouted “leave my father alone” and called the gardaí “thugs”.

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