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TRAGIC: 10-year-old schoolgirl dies with her father in house fire that investigators say was “deliberately set”


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In a tragic case, a 10-year-old schoolgirl has died in a housefire that firefighters suspect was started by her own father.

According to the Metro, Paige Bolton died in a house fire along with her father Garry Bolton, 47.

The inquest into their deaths in East Yorkshire found that the fire took place on January 25, 2020, and “was in all probability deliberately started” by Mr. Bolton.

It was reported that Bolton had disabled the house alarms after locking the front door.  He then blocked the hallway with obstacles so as to barricade himself into the house alongside his young daughter.

After smashing their way into the house, firefighters tried to save Paige by trying to revive her but she could not be saved and was taken to hospital where she later passed away.

In a tragic turn of events, it transpired that little Paige had texted her grandmother on the morning of the blaze, sending panicky messages that she was worried about what might happen.

It was reported that her grandmother received texts that morning which said “help, help, I’m scared”, and “Daddy is scaring me.  Why can’t you help me?”

Mr. Bolton is said to have suffered from mental issues.  He had previously texted Paige’s mother to say that he hoped she would die in a car accident.   It was also claimed that he had suffered from bulling as an adult.

Richard Gibson, the fire service investigator told the inquest: “In my opinion was started deliberately set.”  He went on to speak about how the fire started in the middle of the bed and that they couldn’t find any evidence of an accidental cause like a candle, faulty battery or discarded match.

At the inquest Bolton’s sister said that he was a “loving and devoted father to Paige who he absolutely adored.”  She also said that he never got over the death of Ethan.

But Paige’s mother said that as far as she was concerned, Bolton murdered her little girl.

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