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160km winds smash Japan as Typhoon Hagibis makes landfall

Image source: Sky

Two people have died after the worst hurricane in Japan’s history has taken place. People are warned to prepare for the rain that they have never saw before. Typhoon Hagibis landed with rains and high winds that have already caused floods and disturbances. Across the bay of Tokyo, in Chiba, a tornado hit a car killing the driver instantly, said City official Tatsuya Sakamaki. The Japan Meteorological Agency warned of extremely heavy rains in Tokyo and its surroundings. An earthquake on the coast also shook the area. Yasushi Kajihara, head of the meteorological agency, said: “Prepare for the rains as you have never seen them before.

Take all the necessary steps to save your life. He added that those who live near rivers should seek refuge on the second floor or higher of a stable building if an officially designated evacuation centre is not easily accessible. The army was armed with some 17,000 police and military summoned, ready for rescue operations, the government said. Chiba is still recovering after being hit by a typhoon last month, suffering power outages and floods and forcing people to prepare for the worst. According to the Geological Survey, a 5.3 magnitude earthquake on the coast of Chiba was 60 km deep and probably caused less damage than near-surface earthquakes.

The weather looks like it will ease over the coming days but a massive rescue operation is ongoing.

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