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17 year old girl still recovering from five person attack in Dublin.


Diana Morgan, from Finglas was attacked by five people at 11:30pm.

This attack occurred when the teenager and three friends were in Mountjoy Square Park on Friday night.

Her attackers stamped on her face and attempted to set her hair alight, while Diana’s friend
endeavoured to save her head by lying across her body.

Speaking to the Herald, Ms Morgan spoke how she felt that without her friend’s quick actions she didn’t think she would be alive.

The young girl was left with a fractured nose, chipped tooth, dark bruising and swelling on her arms, head and face.

She stated “two girls started to attack me. I was on the ground and they were kicking me in the head”

The gang also stole a sum of money and the girl’s mobile phone.

Ellen, the girl’s distressed mother said that the situation was “a nightmare” and has said
since the attack her daughter has been unable to eat, sleep and suffers from severe dizziness and painful headaches.

Diana has said that she knew two of her attackers and revealed that she had been told that her attackers had even kicked at her unconscious body.

Gardai have stated that they are investigating the incident and hope to have more information as soon as possible.

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