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64% of young men use online pornography, claims ESRI study

According to a survey on young Irish adults’ usage of porn, 64% of young males use the internet.

The percentage for young women is reportedly under 13%. There is a comparable gender disparity in the usage of pornography in other nations, reports RTE.

When they were 20 years old, 4,500 young adults were polled as part of the Growing Up in Ireland (GUI) project.

The ESRI just conducted a thorough analysis of the research, which was started five years ago.

The Health Service Executive provided funds for the study, which looked at the factors related to consuming pornography at home, at school, and for individuals, reports RTE.

One of the study’s primary conclusions was that males from affluent families had greater access to pornographic content. For women, on the other hand, there is less systematic variation by social background.

While the rates of usage are greater for women from lone-parent households, young male adults from these households are less likely to use pornography than those from two-parent homes.

The study also discovered that people who practise religion and have more parents who watch over their conduct during adolescence use pornography less frequently.

The results demonstrate that there is no conclusive link between the usage of pornography and Relationship and Sexuality Education (RSE) offered in schools, reports RTE.

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