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A facebook hack like you’ve never seen it before..

Losing your phone can be one of the most sickly moments a person must experience in life, we all know the feeling that moment of fear. What’s on my phone, did I delete that message Oh My God what if someone gets into my snapchat but if you’re lucky enough to have escaped the ‘fear’ the only way I can explain it to you is to picture you’re walking up the stairs at night, no lights on and you think there’s one more step, your foot falls through the air in a sickly moment of fear as you step into the unknown.. okay slight exaggeration but for ‘Andrew’ his lost phone was in some very safe hands.

Now where is the most unlikely place you expect to see a facebook hack? – in mass!! When ‘Andrew’ left his phone in church after mass Father P McMahon was quick to jump onto facebook to let him know his phone was safe and he could collect it at the Cathedral.. and his hack was brilliant.

a0BCJqAThis could possibly be the best facebook hack we’ve ever seen.

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