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A Run For Your Money: Belfast man completes grueling run from Cork to Belfast all in the aid of charity


In a truly remarkable story Belfast restaurant owner Brian McGeown completed a grueling 250 mile run consisting of nine and a half marathons on Thursday evening all in the aid of charity.

Mr McGeowen completed the daunting challenge in just under nine days so that he could help those less fortunate than him, along his epic journey Brian made a substantial amount of money from the public which he will donate to three charities that are close close to his heart, The Children’s Heartbeat Trust, The Down’s Syndrome Association and mental health charity, Mind Your Mate and Yourself (MYMY).

After completing his enormous challenge Brian told reporters why he wanted to take on such a task, Mr McGeowen said: “The reason for taking on the challenge is that sometimes you feel helpless to people close to you, no matter how sympathetic you are of their situation. “Last year I ran from Belfast to Dublin, so I thought I would try something harder this time round.”

Mr McGeowen also told UTV  that most of his inspiration came from knowing that one of his close friend’s sons suffers from a congenital heart condition.

Mr McGeowen explained:  “He’s a beautiful, amazing wee boy who has had open-heart surgery several times, and in a situation like this you can feel helpless – there’s nothing that you can do so I started running.” “More recently, a friend of mine had a son was born with Down’s syndrome – he was a premature baby. “I’m from outside Castlewellan and around that area there’s been a lot young suicides and I think at times all of us have moments when of self-doubt or depression.”

Meanwhile Brian also openly admitted that he did not do much training before the heroic run.

Mr McGeown said “It’s regimented drinking and self-loathing for agreeing to do it and then just having to do it. “It’s more in your head, mind over matter. He added: “I’ve run eight or nine competitive marathons. I know I can do the distance, it’s just a case of putting it all together on repeating days.”

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