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Activists shocked as America’s first “Muslim run city” doesn’t fly pride flags

Progressives and liberals in the United States are expressing feelings of betrayal after the country’s Muslim minority stand firm in opposing pro-LGBTQI+ ideology and in one city even wielded their political influence to pass an outright ban on the gay pride rainbow flag.

America’s first Muslim-majority city in Dearborn, Michigan, voted unanimously to bar Pride flags from being displayed on city property, as part of a prohibition that bars “religious, ethnic, racial, political or sexual orientation group flags.”

All six of the city’s councillors are Muslim men and their steadfast opposition to the immensely powerful LGBTQIA+ lobby has left liberals and their establishment media outlets at a loss as how to spin the story.

The so-called “woke” ideology that now dominates the American liberal, progressive and left wing political establishment, essentially venerates a totem poll of victimhood and with two of their favourite victim classes now at odds with one another there is confusion as how to respond.

When Christians stand up to LGBTQIA+ activists, the reaction is immediate, visceral and without mercy from the liberal media and political establishment but now that a community of non-white, Muslims are taking stand against the so-called “sodomy lobby” it could force a change of course in the woke dogma.

While Muslims and non-European migrants may have a high place of veneration of the woke totem poll of victimhood the ideology of LGBTQI+ activists is essentially the religion of the “woke” and blasphemy against it is not tolerated.

However, wild meek and gentle Christian right of America may have turned the other cheek to the LGBTQIA+ mob and acquiesce to their demands to a great degree, the growing Muslim population in the U.S and the Western World will likely prove to be a entirely different kettle of fish.

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