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Alan Kelly hits out at Fine Gael


Today Alan Kelly has launched another attack on Fine Gael, as only one TD from the party attended the Dáil’s discussion on climate change.  The only FG TD present for the debate was Marcella Corcoran Kennedy, TD for Laois-Offaly

Kelly said “Fine Gael had to be dragged into the process reluctantly and did not take the principal of climate justice seriously.” There were party members from Labour, Fianna Fáil, Sinn Féin, the Greens, PBP/AAA and the independents present in the Dáil.

The environment minister Kelly did not hold back today when he called the recent minority agreement “incredible and astonishing.” Kelly was referring to the length of time it took to write the document. “10 pages per day,” Alan Kelly later quipped.

Alan Kelly believed that “A third level  college was the right location for these talks, because the ‘Trinity treaty’ is the greatest example of student politics at its worst.”

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