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Another migrant has been arrested for abusing young girls in Finland

Image source: Le Monde

Finland has been rocked by revelations of organised gangs of migrant men targeting children in the country for sexual exploitation.

After authorities and mainstream media outlets attempted to keep a lid on the information about the Muslim child rape gangs vigilantes then took to the streets.

Eventually the country’s President and Prime Minister both spoke out against the horrendous crimes forcing authorities and media pundits to acknowledge the violent gangs.

The migrant gangs are thought to operating primarily in the city of Oulu. By Christmas 2018 seven foreign men were arrested for rape and sexual assaults against young girls. Some of the girls raped were as young as 10-years-old.

Now Criminal Commissioner Eveliina Karjalainen told local media outlet ‘Kaleva’ that another migrant has been arrested suspected of the rape of two Finish girls, aged 18 and 16, in the city.

Finland joins several other European countries that have been blighted by Muslim child rape gangs including the UK.

Britain has been rocked by revelations that dozens of English cities and towns had Muslim child rape gangs operating within them, essentially with impunity, for years as authorities failed to act being afraid of accusations of political incorrectness or racism.

According to Labour’s Rotherham MP Sarah Champion as many as one million English children have fallen victim to these Muslim Paedophile gangs as of 2016.

Champion was later punished by her own party for speaking out on behalf of the victims of Muslim child rape gangs.

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