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Australia included in this year’s Eurovision!


According to various reports circulating online it has been confirmed that Organisers of the Eurovision Song Contest have included Australia in the competition for the very first time.

Despite not being part of the European Union it was announced that Australia would be joining the contest as part of its 60th Anniversary celebration. The news was broke when a promotional video with French-born Julia Zemiro, who is the presenter of the competition for Australian TV, was posted online, it has since been confirmed by the organisers of the competition that the nation would take part in the Grand Final and would be allowed to vote, both in the semi finals and final.

Organisers are calling the move a once-off; but the rules of the competition state that if Australia wins, it could return.

Meanwhile Executive Supervisor of the contest Jon Ola Sand made a statement about Australia’s inclusion in the contest in which he said: “It’s a daring and at the same time incredibly exciting move. It is our way of saying; let’s celebrate this party together!”.

There are now 40 countries taking part in Eurovision 2015, which will take place on May 19, 21 and 23.

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