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Biden under pressure as US economy takes a battering under his administration

The United States sees its economy under pressure following two consecutive quarters that saw decreases in GDP, the Biden administration appears to be ignoring the problem.

Media outlets such as CNN and MSNBC were quick to back the Orwellian re-defining of what a recession is in order to support the floundering Biden presidency and Democratic party ahead of the November mid-term elections.

Partisan economists such as Paul Krugman, who has been stunned the world with his incredible track record of incorrect economic and financial predictions, went on CNN to carry water for Biden and the Dems and declare the U.S is not in recession.

Now that Biden’s administration and Democratic Party are facing obliteration in the coming elections Krugman no longer believes that two successive quarters of GDP shrinkage is a recession despite declaring that it is a recession in articles he penned himself in years passed.

No matter what Biden’s lesbian, woman of colour press secretary, as she pains herself to remind reporters as often as possible, may incoherently ramble about the U.S economy being its strongest in years, Americans have felt the pain of the incompetence and wacky ideology of the Biden administration and they are ready to give their verdict this November.

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