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Close to 100 confirmed cases of monkeypox recorded in Ireland

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97 cases of Monkeypox have now been recorded in Ireland, as the World Health Organisation (WHO) says cases worldwide currently stand at 23,351. The virus is now in 83 countries. Most reported cases are in Europe.

As the Irish Examiner reports, The virus has been linked to eight deaths globally, including some where encephalitis, an inflammation of the brain, occurred.

A further 12 cases were reported here to the Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HSPC). There have not been any deaths, although 10 of the 97 people were hospitalised.

The latest WHO report shows 96 cases reported worldwide are among children under 17 including 25 children under four. Overall 98% of cases are among men.`

It notes this is the first time cases and sustained chains of transmission have been reported in countries without direct or immediate epidemiological links to areas of West or Central Africa where disease is endemic

WHO technical lead on monkeypox, Dr Rosamund Lewis, said it can be transmitted in several ways including skin contact, talking at very close quarters, kissing (if one person has lesions in the mouth), contact with infected bed-clothes or in a household setting.

She said; The way it is spreading in this global outbreak has never been seen before, so we are seeing new manifestations of illness.

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