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Big Tech fumes as ‘Project Veritas’ exposes their anti-Trump agenda

Image source: Fox

Big Tech and the mainstream media continue to attack Project Veritas, the investigative group led by James O’Keefe, after an undercover expose revealed Google’s intentions to influence the 2020 US Presidential election.

Project Veritas also spoke to an anonymous insider whistle-blower at Google who said the tech goliath is determined to another “Donald Trump scenario in 2020”.

These latest revelations confirm other whistle-blowers claims that Google and other Silicon Valley tech giants and social media sites have abandoned any pretence of impartiality and are now actively working to suppress conservative and anti-establishment voices as well as Trump supporters.

Currently Google and several other tech giants are facing a Presidential and Congressional investigations which enjoy some bi-partisan support with many commentators calling for anti-trust laws to be used to break up the all power corporations.

Social media giants such as a Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have been investigated by Congressional committees for their suppression of Trump supporters and conservatives with President Trump accusing them of trying to “hack the 2020 presidential elections”.

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