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China has scrapped the controversial one-child policy after 35 years

Child has ended it’s policy which restricted parents to having only one child, according to media reports in the country.

The policy began in 1979 in order to bring China’s population back down to 700 million by 2080.

Today, Xinhua, China’s official news agency, announced on Twitter that all couples would be allowed have two children.4141

It cited a communique issued by the ruling Communist Party after a four-day meeting in Beijing to monitor the course of the world’s second largest economy over the next five years.

For years authorities argued that the policy was a key contributor to China’s economic boom and the government had credited it with preventing 400 million births.

It was sometimes brutally enforced and it came at a cost with forced sterilisations and abortions, infanticide, and a dramatic gender imbalance that means millions of men will never find female partners.

Now China finds itself in a predicament with the population ageing rapidly thus shrinking the workforce pool.

This had been predicted a number of years ago and to counteract this, the government introduced limited reforms in 2013, including allowing a second child for some couples in urban areas but very few decided to avail of the allowance.

With growth slowing, analysts have said that the Communist Party needs to open itself up to further liberalisation.


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