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Co Down man speaks of his delight after winning £1m on a scratchcard


A Co Down man is £1m richer this week after he won the whopping prize on £5 scratchcard. The man named Martin McKenna couldn’t be happier with his winnings after scooped the pretty sum when over the weekend, Martin who bought the lucky scratchcard at Tesco Knocknagoney spoke of his delight at winning the top prize saying he only bought the scratchcard because his girlfriend Ceri asked him to pop in and pick up a few items for dinner.

Martin (35) told reporters he only decided to grab two £5 ‘millionaire 777 red’ scratchcards at the last minute, and was astonished to find that the second one had won him the top prize.

Martin told UTV: “I scratched one first and was delighted to see that I had won £20,” “I decided to collect the money so I joined the queue again and whilst waiting to be served I scratched the Millionaire 777 Red Scratchcard and was stunned when it revealed that I’d won a whopping £1,000,000!”

Martin also said he thought it was a prank at first and continued with his shopping as normal, he then said the news only really sank in on the drive home. After coming to the realisation that he was now a millionaire he then decided to break the welcoming news to his girlfriend much to her shock.

Martin explained: “As soon I walked through the door she was holding a big pot of spaghetti so I told her to put it down, that I had some news for her. “She saw by my face that something wasn’t right and immediately thought I had something bad to tell her.”

He added: “However, when I told her that I’d just won £1,000,000 on a scratchcard she just couldn’t believe it in fact she didn’t.”

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