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Committee hears Long Covid clinics are ‘not helping’ patients

Long-term Covid patients have expressed dissatisfaction with the Health Service Executive’s (HSE) handling of their condition, claiming they have been “neglected and dismissed”, reports RTE.

Prolonged Covid Advocacy Ireland (LCAI) informed the Oireachtas Committee on Health that patients are not receiving assistance from specialised clinics.

“Unfortunately, the vast, vast majority of patients who contact us have had a negative experience with the clinics,” LCAI co-founder Sarah O’Connell said, reports RTE.

According to her account, one lady “waited nine months for an appointment” and was eventually seen by a doctor who “quickly focused on cardiac and respiratory issues” during a 15-minute visit.

She mentioned the “disappointment” that patients felt from the way experts handled them, reports RTE.

Long-term Covid patients are aware that there is no “silver bullet,” but Ms. O’Connell said it is intolerable that they are “not being offered any help.”

“There is a lot that can be done in terms of symptom management,” she told the committee, but to get this “they’re having to go privately and spend a lot of money,” reports RTE.

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