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Concerns raised as Islamic State gain foothold in Mozambique

Image source: BBC

The Islamic State may have lost practically all its territory in Iraq and Syria where the terrorist organisation first formed but its influence in other far flung Muslim communities continues to persist in particular in Africa with Mozambique now suffering with the cancer Islamism.

Last month I.S loyalists in the country massacred a village 52 people n the Muidumbe district after locals refused to be recruited into the ranks of the group operating in the region with most of the victims either being shot or beheaded.

Catholic missions and churches have thus far been the primary target of I.S militants but the Muslim terrorists have begun to expand the list of targets and have so far forced over 200,000 people too flee the effected region in the north of the country.

Bishop Luiz Fernando Maria Lozano has called for greater international support for the communities being targeted by genocidal Islamists saying:

“The attacks are becoming more and more religion-oriented, and the world is closing its eyes. “Many want to come back, but until the situation stabilises, one cannot think about it,
I’m talking about over 200,000 people who had to flee from there. This is an obvious injustice. This is a very poor population, which as a result of another conflict loses its few possessions.”

The terrorists have been mainly launching attacks in the Cabo Delgado province and are also heavily recruiting jihadists from across poorly guarded border in Tanzania.

The Islamic State in the region is referred to as ‘ISCAP or ISIS in Central African Province and are now recognised to have gained a foothold in Mozambique.

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