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Couple ‘fined’ for leaving negative hotel review are refunded


A British couple who posted a negative hotel review on TripAdvisor and were subsequently ‘fined’ by the offended hotel have now been refunded.

The case of Tony and Jan Jenkinson is rather quite unique.

The couple spent one night at the Broadway Hotel in Blackpool, UK. They were not entirely satisfied with the stay, and went on to post a negative review on the popular travel website TripAdvisor, referring to the hotel as a ‘filthy, rotten, dirty stinking hovel.’

Shortly afterwards, the couple had £100 taken from their account by the hotel. Upon querying this charge, they were informed that the Broadway Hotel has a ‘no bad review’ policy.

Baffled and miffed, they contacted Trading Standards, and their case was investigated. The case went nationwide, and the BBC interviewed the couple.

The Jenkinsons have now been refunded, and Blackpool City Council have requested that the Broadway Hotel ceases their peculiar ‘no bad review’ policy with immediate effect.

When contacted, a spokesman for the hotel made no comment on the matter.

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