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Court hears UK policeman raped two vulnerable women on a night out

A London Metropolitan Police officer raped two women within 11 days of meeting them in an off-duty bar, a court has heard, reports Breaking News.

Suspended police officer Rupert Edwards (30) is accused of raping a woman in Epsom, Surrey, on August 26, 2022, and a woman in Lambeth, south London, on September 5, 2022, the Inner London Crown Court heard on Tuesday.

Edwards, of Ashted, Surrey, denied attacking the complainants, who are in their 20s and 30s.

Prosecutor Robert Brown said the first complainant met Edwards on a night out and later danced with him in a bar “kissing the defendant, who she found attractive”.

They later took a taxi to his house and had consensual sex “at least once, possibly twice,” Brown said.

The complainant claimed she later told him, “I can’t go again” but the defendant pulled her leg and began having more sex.

The prosecutor stated that he did not agree to it and the defendant knew it, but “carried on regardless”.

He said the woman slept until noon the next day, when Edwards left.

She then “tried to put the incident out of her mind and get on with her life” before reporting it to police in November 2022, reports Breaking News.

Jurors were shown a recording of her December 2022 police interview in which she broke down in tears while describing the alleged rape.

She said: “I was saying to myself in my head: ‘I’m being raped right now,’ but it’s like I froze. I just couldn’t do or say anything else (after saying “I can’t go again”), so I just let it happen. He didn’t say anything at this point but in my mind I thought: ‘Well, I’ve said it now, I should only have to say once’,” reports Breaking News.

Mr Brown said the woman remembered having consensual sex with him at the address, but added that she “told him from the outset there could be no intercourse” because they did not have any condoms.

The woman said Edwards agreed to it but woke up later to him raping her, jurors heard.

Mr Brown added: “She says she was angry and confused because he had told her he was a police officer and so she sent him a text (at 4.51am) thanking him for destroying her faith in the justice system,” reports Breaking News.

She then called 999 and notified the police about the incident, he added.

The trail continues.

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