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Daly: I have received vital information about Garda corruption


According to various reports Independent TD Clare Daly has claimed that she has received vital information from Garda whistleblowers about alleged corruption within the force.

Ms Daly claims she has had numerous conversations with two serving members of the Gardaí who are thought to be facing severe internal pressure because of their allged allegations. Ms Daly also says that the allged claims are being investigated internally, however there is no indication of any concrete action being taken.

Ms Daly told reporters: “We are presently in contact with two active Garda whistleblowers. One of whom is out sick from work now for ten months his allegations being processed adequately,” said Daly. “ There is another man who goes into work in very difficult circumstances everyday.”

She went onto say: “The Deputy Commissioner (of An Garda Síochána) is in charge of his case and these are serious allegations that are being investigated, including Gardaí being involved in drugs not action there either.”

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