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Dangerous rapist released on to streets of Cork

A convicted rapist, described as a ‘serious threat’ to the women of Cork has been released from custody. John English (38) appealed against the activation of a five year prison sentence. Mr English was sentenced to 12 years in prison in 2004 with the last five suspended. The state had sought to re-activate the sentence in 2012 when Mr English was found drinking in Cork, in violation of recommendations from the Probation Service.

Mr Justice Barry White, passing sentence in 2004, described the offender as ‘a danger and a menace to society’ and ‘a serious threat to the women of Cork’. Mr English was convicted of raping an Australian tourist in 2002. He pled guilt.

The Court of Appeal ruled that re-activating the entire five year sentence was disproportionate to Mr English’s actions. Mr English was bound to the peace and required to pay a bond of €100.

John English was first convicted of sexual assault in 1994 and has also been convicted of false imprisonment.


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