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‘Dangerous’ transgender prisoner Barbie Kardashian is moving prisons amid fears Barbie could follow through on threats

Image source: Mirror

Prison bosses struggle to find a suitable isolation ward for dangerous transgender inmate Barbie Kardashian.

The 21-year-old was sentenced last month to four and a half years in prison for raping, torturing and threatening to kill her mother, reports The Mirror.

Kardashian is understood to be transferred from Limerick Prison in the coming weeks as staff do not think it is safe to keep her there.

A source said Kardashian, who was born Gabrielle Alejandro Gentile and changed her name via deed poll, is considered too dangerous to mix and poses a serious threat to inmates and staff.

The source told the Irish Sunday Mirror: “Meetings are set to take place this month to discuss a better location for Kardashian. She is deemed very dangerous and requires a number of prison staff to open her cell and accompany her anywhere she goes,” reports The Mirror.

Kardashian pleaded guilty to seven counts of threatening her mother with murder, rape, torture or serious injury.

Sentencing judge Tom O’Donnell said the psychiatric report on Kardashian made the reading “chilling and disturbing,” reports The Mirror.

Kardashian has 16 convictions for death threats, sexual assault, aggravated assault, assault and property damage.

At her hearing at Limerick Circuit Criminal Court, Gardaí said they had “grave concerns” that she posed a danger to the “general public”.

The court also heard that her original name was Gabriel Alejandro Gentile and that she later changed her name to Barbie Kardashian by deed.

In 2020, Ms. Kardashian received a Gender Identity Certificate from the Department of Social Security for her identification as a woman.

An IPS spokesperson said: “All prisoners committed are accommodated in accordance with their legal gender. The Irish Prison Service is currently drafting a policy for the management of transgender prisoners, to take account of evolving trends in relation to best practice in other jurisdictions in order to inform the final policy, which remains under careful consideration before finalisation,” reports The Mirror.

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