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Domestic abuse victim Emma Murphy’s abusive partner Francis Usanga has gone into hiding


The man allegedly behind the disgraceful assault of Dublin mother of two Emma Murphy(26) has reportedly gone into hiding today. The man in question Francis Usanga a well known body builder and actor has reportedly told close friends that he is going to lay low for awhile.

The new comes after the brave mother posted a video on Facebook on Monday highlighting her alleged abuse suffered from Usanga . The heartbreaking video shows the young woman after being badly beaten in which suffered a bruised eye, brave Emma has siince received great sympathy and praise for taking the courage to highlight her abuse by groups setup to fight domestic violence worldwide. It is understood that five-minute clip has been viewed more than six million times.

According to the Irish Independent who published a report stating that Mr Usanga’s co-workers at his Dublin gym, FX Fitness in Santry, told the them that he had “gone to ground for a few days” in a effort to evade the current media spotlight around him. It is also believed that Mr Usanga has deleted his personal and business social media pages to avoid receiving threats along with verbal abuse .

Meanwhile a spokesman for the Gardai has said that they are following a “definite line of enquiry” into the alleged assault of the young woman. Reports say that the vicious assault took place outside Mr Usanga’s gym on the evening of July 3rd.

The brave mother has also taken to social media yet again this week but this time Emma in different circumstances, Emma took to Facebook recently to say that she has been overwhelmed by the reaction to her homemade video.

Ms Murphy said:”I needed to be a good role model for my kids and I needed the strength from somewhere. By posting the video that I did, I’ve reached so many people.” “People all around the world are contacting me saying ‘thank you, thank you’.

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