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Dublin Airport gets fined €10 million over security waiting times and terminal cleanliness

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The aviation authority punished Dublin Airport €10.1 million for missing certain of its 2023 benchmarks, reports Breaking News.

The fines were imposed by the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) for failing to meet goals pertaining to ground transportation information, terminal and lavatory hygiene, and security line wait times.

In addition, the airport received a €3.4 million Quality of Service (QoS) bonus for surpassing goals in terms of overall customer happiness, mobility convenience, wifi satisfaction, and availability of luggage trolleys, reports Breaking News.

The IAA stated that the penalty was imposed because Dublin Airport’s security line timings did not meet their goals for the first five months of 2023; however, the authority also stated that the queue “significantly improved in the second half of 2023.”

In all, the airport paid a 30 cent penalty for each passenger, which was mitigated by a 10 cent QoS incentive, reports Breaking News.

Dublin Airport operator daa responded to the news by saying that the study “confirms that passengers enjoyed good standards at Dublin Airport in 2023 and those standards are improving all the time”.

97% of the more over 15 million passengers who took flights from Dublin last year, according to Daa, cleared security in less than 20 minutes.

“Any issues flagged by the IAA relate to the early months of 2023 and were corrected before the start of the summer, through the roll-out of our 15-point improvement plan which saw us double down on important things like cleanliness, the removal of clutter and better wayfinding in both terminals,” DAA said, reports Breaking News.

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