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Varadkar says he favours processing irregular migrants outside EU

Image source: CNN for migrants

Speaking as the centre-right European People’s Congress prepared for the June elections for the European Parliament, the Taoiseach was in Bucharest, Romania, reports RTE.

“A huge number of people who enter the European Union irregularly pass through countries around the edge of the European Union,” said Varadkar, reports RTE.

“We want to make deals with those countries to help us secure our borders better, and in some cases to process applications in those countries,” he added, reports RTE.

A proposal to reach agreements with third parties to guarantee that “asylum seekers can also be granted protection in a civilised and safe way” is part of the European People’s Party’s (EPP) election agenda.

The EPP intends “to implement the concept of safe third countries” and declares its commitment to the “fundamental right to asylum” in its platform.

According to Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, he supports processing applications for undocumented immigrants in nations outside of the European Union, reports RTE.

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