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€1.25 an hour ‘Human Rights Assistant’ sought by Gardai via JobBridge


The controversial JobBridge scheme has yet again made headlines for all the wrong reasons.

In this latest job offer, Gardai are seeking to fill a ‘Human Rights Assistant’, to work 40 hours a week.

According to the ad, the candidate must be a “team player”, have a third-level degree, and hold a “human rights qualification.”

All for the tidy pay of €1.25 per hour.

JobBridge interns get a €50 allowance on top of their current social welfare payment, and are expected to work full time and perform as though they were a ‘proper’ employee. They also get ‘trained’ while on the job, supposedly facilitating their transition into more fruitful employment.

The scheme is seen by many as legalized, glorified exploitation of workers, since it provides little pay and little tangible benefits in the long run.

In this particular case, it is quite ironic that the role sought is a ‘Human rights assistant’.

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