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Eamonn Lillis walks free from prison



The convicted killer left Wheatfield Prison just after 9:30am this morning, and hurriedly entered a waiting taxi. It is thought he was heading to Dublin Airport to catch a flight abroad.

Mr. Lillis is now a free man, after serving just under 2,000 days of his sentence for killing his wife, Celine Cawley, during an argument at their home in Howth, back in 2008.

Lillis, who was having an affair with a masseuse at the time, initially concocted a story about an intruder attacking Ms. Cawley, but was subsequently found guilty of her manslaughter and sentenced to almost seven years in prison. Good behavior and remission have enabled Lillis to walk free after five years.

He is also thought to have access to considerable financial means due to the sale or liquidation of various assets during his time in prison.

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