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Euthanasia for Ireland? Assisted dying committee discusses ‘compassionate killing’ offence

The Oireachtas Committee has heard that a new crime of “compassionate killing” may be needed if capital punishment with sanctions is introduced.

Richard Huxtable, Professor of Ethics and Medical Law at the University of Bristol, has been researching assisted dying since the 1990s, reports RTE.

He cites “the so-called slippery slope objection,” which warns that assisted dying, once introduced, will be used “in wholly inappropriate situations”, reports RTE.

There is a clear “human tendency to test the limits of regulation. Safeguards will be needed” ” he said, reports RTE.

Some “possible compromise positions” might include the introduction of “compassionate killing” as a reduced offence, reports RTE.

This “has a degree of wrong-doing but also a degree of right-doing”, and could be dealt with “more leniently” than homicide usually is, “particularly when family are involved”, reports RTE.

He said that “not fair to describe those who point to a slippery slope as fearmongering. If you don’t want the consequences of the Dutch legislation, then don’t introduce the Dutch legislation”, nor is it helpful, reports RTE.

At least at this point, the challenge facing lawmakers “is not rocket science.”

Professor Huxtable said the research has not shown whether there really is a slippery slope after the introduction of assisted dying.

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