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Sarah Fergusson says she can’t believe they support she’s received following her mastectomy

Sarah Ferguson says she was “blown away” by the love she received from around the world after an eight-hour mastectomy operation, reports RTE.

The 63-year-old discovered she had early-onset breast cancer during a routine mammogram.

In an episode of his Tea Talk podcast released on Thursday, Ferguson said it was “moving” to receive the news: “You are the strongest, bravest person I know and it’s because of you that I’m still here,” reports Breaking News.

Sbe said the support she received gave her the strength to “go forward.”

Ferguson said: “The most beautiful, beautiful flowers have arrived. There’s letters, there’s cards, and it’s just been an outpouring of kindness. And it’s so much so that you can’t… you know, the mind has made up so many games before this thinking everyone believes what they read in the newspapers, and then with all this outpouring of love, it’s like almost it’s everybody’s eulogies to me. I know, and I’m here, and it’s really amazing the love that I’m getting from the entire nation. I mean, it’s just unbelievable. Just extraordinary. And it’s not just the nation but it’s globally and people have been beyond, so yes… just blown away really. And that is something that has also completely given me strength to go forward, because I won’t let people down. Well, I won’t let myself down,” reports Breaking News.

A video clip posted on her Instagram account shows Sarah recording the episode, with the caption saying: “Right now I’m recovering, but I’m happy to share my storey here on my podcast, hoping it will encourage everyone, who can view it.

“Thank you doesn’t quite cover it to all my doctors, nurses and medical professionals. I’m beyond lucky to have you. I encourage everyone to get checked,” reports Breaking News.

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