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Fighting back! Number of migrant protests doubled in 2023

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Protests against immigration in the Dublin region more than quadrupled in number last year, according to information provided to the Oireachtas Justice Committee, reports RTE.

An Garda Síochána representatives are in front of the committee to talk about recent arson incidents.

According to Assistant Garda Commissioner Angela Willis, there were 617 anti-immigrant rallies in the Dublin Metropolitan Region last year, up from “just over 300” in 2022, reports RTE.

While “there is a theme” in the arson attacks, Independent TD Thomas Pringle noted that there may not be a “overarching conspiracy” and questioned if this could be utilised to target those provoking the violence.

“It’s one thing to have right-wing sentiment. It’s another thing to take action,” Shawna Coxon, Deputy Garda Commissioner, replied, reports RTE.

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