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Former CIA director claims agency worked to help Biden campaign, lied about Russian “disinformation”

Former Director of the U.S Central Intelligence Agency, Mike Morell, has confirmed what many researchers, pundits and honest journalists already suspected; that the CIA worked to help the Biden Presidential Election campaign and knowingly lied to suppress information damaging to Biden.

The retired CIA director coordinated a letter signed by 50 other intelligence chiefs and operatives claiming that revelations found on Hunter Biden’s laptop were part of a Russian disinformation campaign because he wanted to help Joe Biden’s presidential campaign.

Drug addict Hunter Biden left his laptop at a repair shop in New Jersey and upon finding potentially criminal activity involving shady business deals as well as lewd pictures that seemed to involve children, the owner of the shop handed the laptop to the FBI and eventually went to the press.

After the shocking and disturbing emails and images on the then U.S Presidential candidates laptop went viral online, the mainstream media and big tech social media companies sprung into damage control for the Biden campaign falsely claiming it was part of a “Russian disinformation campaign” and actively censoring reporting of the story.

Now the House Judiciary Committee, led by Jim Jordan, is currently investigating Hunter Biden’s laptop, as well as the Biden family businesses and Morell ‘recently’ conducted a transcribed interview with Jordan’s team and was asked about the Biden campaign’s response to the laptop the Mail Online reported.

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