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Fr Sean Hyland: “God is real, Heaven is real, it starts here”

In what can only be described as a fascinating interview on last night’s Late Late Show, two men described their different paths into finding Jesus and just how true Heaven actually is.

Offaly-based priest Fr Sean Hyland had a successful career as an electrical engineer, but life has led him to a new path in the priesthood.

Tragically Sean lost his two children, Seana and Ciaran, at a young age and then also lost his wife, Liz, the year he retired in 2008. He deeply studied science, philosophy and religion and came to the conclusion that there God and Heaven are definitely real.

A young man named Niall McDonagh spoke candidly about his own journey to Jesus and how he found faith following a series of family tragedies, including the tragic death of his older brother and a near-amputated leg from a football injury. Fr Sean and Niall spoke to Ryan Tubridy about grief and why they turned to religion to cope. They said it gave them an indescribable peace and said how they both know for sure that God is real and Heaven is real.

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