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Govt agrees to give €56 million taxpayer money to fund RTE

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has confirmed that the Government has approved temporary funding of €56 taxpayer million for RTÉ, subject to certain conditions, reports RTE.

This includes €16 million in interim funding and €40 million next year. It is believed that the 40 million euros will be paid in two instalments after the publication of the report aimed at reforming the organization.

Varadkar also said the strategic plan, due to be released this afternoon, does not need government approval.

The government has forecast that the fall in license fee income will cost RTÉ €21 million in revenue this year and €40 million next year if it continues, reports RTE.

RTÉ applied for €34.5 million in funding in the budget, but it was only given an initial payment of €16 million in excess estimates.

NewEra, the state agency that advises the government on the operations of commercial quasi-state companies, has recommended to Media Minister Catherine Martin that the agency receive a further €40 million in interim funding to cover some shortfalls.

In a statement, Ms. Martin said the strategic plan “addresses key areas such as governance reforms and cost efficiencies”.

“This is vital as RTÉ seeks to rebuild the trust and confidence of the Irish public. I am acutely aware, however, of how difficult and challenging this is for the organisation, and particularly for its staff,” reports RTE.

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