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Higher penality points will be issued on Bank Holidays

The government is proposing new legislation that would increase penalty points for motorists who commit traffic offences such as speeding or not wearing a seat belt during Bank Holiday weekends, reports RTE.

The Minister with Responsibility for Road Safety will update Cabinet colleagues on this proposal tomorrow. The initiative is one of several measures being developed to address the recent increase in road fatalities and serious injuries in Ireland.

Road safety data indicates that Bank Holiday weekends have a higher incidence of road deaths and serious injuries caused by driving offences.

During the February, June, and August Bank Holiday weekends of this year, 46 fatal or serious injury collisions occurred. Additionally, almost 10,000 speeding detections were recorded during these weekends, reports RTE.

The proposal to increase penalty points for specific periods like Bank Holiday weekends has been successful in other countries, such as Australia.

Another proposal being brought by Minister Chambers is a change to the intoxicant testing rules.

Under this proposal, gardaĂ­ would be required to test for drugs at the scene of road collisions, reports RTE.

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