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Hold your breath! Woman has the hiccups for over 10 years

Image source: Metro/Caters

For most of us the cure for hiccups is having a drink of water or asking someone to give us a fright. But nothing works for one woman who has been hiccupping for over a decade.

According to the Metro, 31-year-old Lisa Graves hiccups have been compared to a dog’s bark after someone has walked on it, or even the noise of a chicken.

Lisa told the Metro that she has had to get used to the hiccups now even though they sometimes wake her up during the night, and can wake her husband too. Her two daughters have never known a time when their mum didn’t hiccup, so they don’t have any problem with it.

She told the Metro that the hiccups can sometimes cause her to have problems in her nail salon as a sudden hiccup can make her jump and her hand slips when she’s painting someone’s nail.

Lisa has tried every cure recommended but nothing has worked and she has now accepted the hiccups, which are thought to have started when she first became pregnant.

As strange as it sounds, Lisa is not alone in hiccupping for many years. American Charles Osborne is said to have hiccuped for an incredible 68 years. His hiccups started when he was weighing a hog and only stopped when he died.

Luckily for Lisa, she has now grown used to the hiccups and doesn’t let them disrupt her life and she told the Metro that the hiccups are “just a way of life, just who I am.”

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