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“Howaya Tony” – House parties are taking place right across the country tonight

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People have had enough, especially young people, and who can blame them! They’ve done all that they’ve been asked to do between lockdowns, social distancing and even getting jabbed. Now it’s Christmas and it’s their time to have a bit of fun.

As the hospitality sector has been completely decimated, house parties have been organised throughout the country for people to party the night away tonight, and boy are they getting ready to paarrrtay!

Social media users have been organising house parties across social media for Christmas week. One group had details that included “F**k you Tony” – aimed directly at Ireland’s Chief Medical Officer Dr Tony Holohan.

After the absolute ludicrous draconian restrictions that have been imposed on the Irish public yet again, people on social media have been saying what they’re going to do regardless of Micheal Martin, Leo Varadkar, Stephen Donnelly and Tony Holohan.

People are saying that closing pubs, restaurants and the rest of hospitality at the stupid time of 8pm is going to only result in house parties really really taking off this Christmas.

Social media users say that they’re already getting the party started by organising house parties starting from 9pm and rocking right through the night.

So it would appear that Martin, Holohan and their cohorts are already seeing their plans backfire dramatically.

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