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I’ll be ready! Baywatch is back!


Baywatch is set to hit the big screen and filling Hasselhoff’s togs, this time, is Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

In the new film, two unlikely prospective lifeguards vie for jobs alongside the buff bodies who patrol a beach in California.

Dwayne is playing Mitch Buchannon, while Zac Efron is playing Matt Brody. The television series ‘Baywatch’ ran from 1989 until 2001 and best known for it are David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson. The song ‘I’m Always Here’ could regularly be heard ringing out from family homes.

In the series Lt. Mitch Buchannon (The Hoff) is the dedicated leader of a group of lifeguards at Malibu Beach in Los Angeles. It has ever been associated with red bikinis and female lifeguards running along sun-kissed beaches.

The bikini clad female cast members in the new film are being headed by Alexandria Daddario, as Summer Quinn while Kelly Rohrbacj is CJ Parker. Dwayne has been quite enthusiastic about the new film and posted up pictures on his official Facebook page of the filming.

If that was not exciting enough for fans of the series, David Hasselhoff himself is to appear also in the movie. He has returned to the role more recently in the spoof that was Piranha 3D. The Rock is playing the role The Hoff had in the series so it remains to be seen what part he will play.




It is not believed that Pamela Anderson will have a role or Erika Eleniak who played Shauni McClain.

The Rock stated on his official Facebook page that: “Pleasure to officially welcome the original Baywatch gangsta himself David Hasselhoff to our movie! Baywatch is the most successful TV show of all time and from the day we announced we were turning it into a movie, “The Hoff” has been our greatest supporter. Especially once he knew our RATED R movie was going to be a combination of AVENGERS meets ANCHORMAN.”

He continued, “Hoff’s a cool dude who’s down to have fun and here’s the best part. He’s been training his ass off and gotten in the best shape he’s been in years! (cue slo-mo running and glistening chest hair.) World get ready.”

Former MMA fighter Cathal Pendred from Ireland has also been cast in the film which is due to hit cinema next May. Will you be there for it?





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