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Indian summer? Temps to push up to 24C over the weekend

Met Eireann says tropical air moving into Ireland this weekend will push temperatures into the mid-20s, reports RTE.

Meteorologist Joanna Donnelly said there was an “outside chance” of a record-breaking 25C temperature in October.

Speaking to Claire Byrne on RTÉ’s Today programme, she said temperatures of 24C were expected in parts of Ireland on Saturday.

He added that clouds can come with warmer weather and Met Eireann isn’t necessarily predicting blue skies.

Its forecast says Saturday night will be “quite muggy” with temperatures expected to be between 12 and 15 degrees Celsius.

It said Sunday would bring a “mix of cloud and hazy sunshine” and temperatures of 18-22C.

Areas of England and Wales basked in sunshine, with temperatures above the normal monthly average of 13°C.

Met Office forecaster Greg Dewhurst said: “It’s been very hot in Europe over recent days and that warm air is going to drift in across quite a bit of the country on Friday and the weekend. There is heavy rain across parts of Scotland so it’s not everywhere that will see the warm spells of sunshine. Temperatures on Friday should reach highs of around 22C, Saturday around about 25C and then Sunday around 26C, which we last saw in October in 2018,” reports RTE.

Weather agency AEMET said earlier this week that temperatures across Spain have already reached record highs for October and the unseasonably warm heat could last for more than a week.

High temperatures across Spain produced three “record days of heat” starting last Friday, with the mercury reaching 38.2C on Sunday in the southern city of Montoro near Córdoba, it said.

The previous October record was set in 2014 when temperatures reached 37.5 degrees Celsius in the southern part of Marbella.

“On October 1, it reached an all-time high for this time of year in practically the entire Iberian Peninsula,” AEMET said on social media, reports RTE.

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