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Ireland’s latest lotto winner says he’ll fix the leak in his house which Irish Water said wasnt their responsibility

winner2 The latest Irish lottery winner has said the first thing he’s going to fork out for is to stop a leak at his home, which Irish Water told him wasn’t its responsibility to fix. Ireland’s newest lotto winner, Seamus Cawley from Rathkeale, Co. Limerick said that he’s “still coming to terms with the news”. The 57-yr-old ran a total of 50 marthatons, including all 36 of the Dublin marathons, said that it took him over three hours to calm down and tell his wife and daughter”. Seamus is one of a ten person syndicate called “The chosen few” who work at the Kerry Group Cheese Strings production line in Charleville, Co Cork – who each receive a gigantic €388,375.60. “It took me three hours to tell my wife. My wife Marian told me to shut up and to stop cursing, it’s just absolutely surreal,” he said. “We’re doing this lotto for the last twelve years and it was always a quick pick, but we changed it around this time and some of the lads picked the numbers, and they came up for us. It’s pure luck.” Seamus said he’s going to go on holiday, pay his daughter’s college fees, then run the Los Angelus marathon and update his 2002 Toyota Yaris, all that after his fixes a leak at his home first. “Irish Water told me I have a leak but they told me they couldn’t fix it because it’s inside the door.” Seamus heard of his incredible win as he walked into the Aviva Stadium in Dublin on Monday night to roar on Ireland in their Euro Championships clash with Bosnia. He then rang Julianne, his daughter to let her know her university fees could be paid off. “She was in a bus at the time, and I said, ‘are you sitting down?’ I told her, and she said she was getting a bit emotional. I was up the walls in work. I was working all weekends to pay for my daughter’s college fees.” “Money has never mattered to me. It’s a nice sum, you couldn’t retire on it, but it gives you security.” “I haven’t been on a holiday in a few years so I might do that. “A friend of mine has been on at me for years to run the Los Angelus marathon, but it’s an 11-hour plane journey,” he added. Seamus paid tribute Paudie McCarthy, 25, from Effin, Co Limerick, who worked with Seaumus and unfortunately was knocked down and killed after attending the Listowel races last September. “We had a bad year at work. We had one tragedy, one of the young fellas who worked with us as a student died in Listowel and we’re thinking of him today, and all the people we’ve lost over the year.As long as you have your health that’s the main thing.” Seamus said his father a big lotto player, he was even buried with a lotto ticket. “We put a lottery ticket and fifty euros down with him.” Seamus said they’ll all continue to work at the Kerry Group: “Yeah, absolutely, we’re quiet happy there, and all our friends are there. It’s a fantastic sum, but we wouldn’t retire on it. It isn’t a pensionable thing. One of the lads said to me I’ll be able to get a good pair of running shoes now,” Seamus joked.

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