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Irish Water issue to be discussed by Cabinet again today


It seems the Government, and particularly the Taoiseach, can’t get anything right these days.

Yesterday, Enda Kenny was publicly heckled by protesters as he arrived at a function in Galway. Several ministers have recently acknowledged that ‘mistakes have been made’ in the setup of Irish Water, an entity that has become the Government’s own self destruction device. Joan Burton announced on her own volition last week that a family of four adults may get an annual bill of €200. This has now been refuted.

Now, according to the Taoiseach, the Cabinet will discuss the seeds of their own demise today, and a new deal on water charges will be signed off ‘next week’.

He added that there is ‘no hope’ for scrapping Irish Water or dropping the charges for good.

Minister for the Environment Alan Kelly is due to meet Irish Water officials again today to discuss options to make the charges more ‘affordable’.

One core fact remains steadfastly true; at this stage, Irish people will accept no sweetener offers, Government promises of affordability, or any other form of patronizing deals when it comes to water charges.

The people have spoken, and no means no.

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