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Irish Water sends ANOTHER bill in the name of a deceased person

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The utility’s degree of ineptitude and lack of basic decorum is thrown into the spotlight day in and day out.

A woman in Co. Kerry has received a water bill in the name of her deceased partner, who died just over eleven years ago. The woman said the incident ‘brings it all back’, and has left her ‘very very hurt’.

She added that sending letters to people who have passed away is ‘ignorant and irresponsible’ and ‘very, very disrespectful’

The correspondence arrived exactly five days after the eleventh anniversary of the man’s death.

The woman added that the house has been in her sole name for years, so she can’t understand the mix-up.

In the end, she stated that she does not plan to register with Irish Water as she “works long hours” and her wages have been cut, adding: “We’re taxed enough.”

This is not the first instance of the disastrous quango sending bills to dead people. Recently, a Co. Wexford woman received two letters from Irish Water addressed to her deceased husband. And to add insult to injury, the letters actually included ‘RIP’ after the man’s name.

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