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It gets worse: Well known Irish pub charges almost €15 for two pints


Going out tonight? You better get a bank loan first!

As we reported yesterday, a pub in Temple Bar sold a Vodka and Soda mixer for a whopping €10… well, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Thomas Waterman, a reader of The Liberal, contacted us yesterday with this astonishing receipt.

It shows “The Temple Bar”, a very well known pub to anyone out and about in the capital, but possibly even more so with tourists, charging a “staggering” €7.30 each for a pint of Budweiser and Smithwicks.

The astronomical price is almost double the price of a pint just some 12 yrs ago.

Tourists are said to be feeling the pinch the most. They come to the Emerald Isle and many head to Temple Bar to take in the bohemian environment, but surely charging almost €15 for two pints will lose more custom than gain.

With the recession still looming around the streets, your average ‘drinks on Friday’ is becoming a thing of the past, with more and more people choosing to go to “Bring your own” restaurants or simply go to each other’s houses.

With Christmas around the corner and prices like this, you’d better mind the pennies if you want a few good nights out!

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