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Kenny Egan Getting Into A New Ring

Kenny Egan

Well they’ve pulled no punches here… Kenny – excuse me, Kenneth Egan, who admits he knows little to nothing about politics, has been announced as a Fine Gael candidate for the local elections in Clondalkin.

The Olympic Silver medalist who admits he has literally NO VIEWS on gay marriage or water charges, said that Fine Gael were the only party to approach him – hardly stuff of dreams!

Where are the business brains that this country needs? Who in their right mind would have even contemplated voting for this man were he not famous from his sport?

It’s time for people who have business experience, business knowledge and realistic agendas to be put forward. This absolutely ludacrous candidate is a mockery to people who used to have faith in Fine Gael. I wouldn’t vote for this man if he was the only candidate on the ballet, what can he offer his constitutes – a quicker way to skip?

We have one Kenny in Fine Gael and in my opinion, one too many.

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