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Leitrim residents say proposed migrant centre just isn’t fair or adequate for 130 migrants

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There has been another very big win for the good people of Ireland who are standing united against awful proposed conditions for endless migrants flooding into their towns.

This time, the big win goes to the decent residents of Ballinamore, Co. Leitrim who are playing their part to ensure that migrants aren’t subjected to awful conditions proposed for the town.

It’s understood that plans for an enormous migrant centre in Ballinamore, Co Leitrim have been put on hold by the Department of Justice RTE reports.

The citizens of Ballinamore rallied to oppose plans by the government to establish a Direct Provision Centre in their town, as part of the EU’s migrant distribution scheme, and like their fellow Irishmen and women in Rooskey and Oughterard they have emerged victorious, at least for now.

The Ballinamore Community Group had launched a continuous, 24/7 protest outside the apartment complex in the town that was supposed to be housing 130 asylum seekers last Monday.

While the group has emphasised the acceptance of asylum seekers into the town before they said that this time the sheer number being relocated there was unacceptable.

However, other areas around the country continue to be targeted for migrant plantation and it has been speculated by indigenous rights activists after their success and as resistance to population replacement in Ireland continues to grow, the government is becoming more guarded in its migrant settlement plans.

The growing trend of resistance has been met with derision and mockery from figures in some of the major media outlets, the government and of course leftist twitter activists, but it appears as though the awakening is only going to accelerate.

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