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“Let Ukrainians fight their own war” – Europeans won’t send troops to fight in Ukraine

Following France’s suggestion that sending ground soldiers to Ukraine was a possibility and the Kremlin’s warning that doing so would unavoidably spark hostilities between Russia and NATO, Germany, Britain, and other European nations said that they had no intention of sending ground troops to Ukraine, reports RTE.

Although he emphasised that there was not yet agreement, French President Emmanuel Macron stated yesterday that Western partners should consider all measures when attempting to prevent a Russian triumph in Ukraine.

His remarks on measures to strengthen support for Kyiv during a hurriedly called summit of European leaders in Paris coincide with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s troops’ military victories in eastern Ukraine and the Ukrainian side’s increasing personnel and ammunition shortages.

Germany, Britain, Spain, Poland, and the Czech Republic, on the other hand, dissociated themselves from any notion that they would send foot forces to the war in Ukraine, which is currently in its third year.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz declared, “…there will be no ground troops, no soldiers on Ukrainian soil sent there by European countries or NATO states,” reports RTE.

Boris Pistorius, the German Minister of Defence, was as steadfast.

During a visit to Vienna, Mr. Pistorius informed reporters that having “boots on the ground is not an option for… Germany,” reports RTE.

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