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Man accused of ramming police car says that he was having sex with girlfriend at the time

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A man denies being the driver who rammed a police car in Derry because he was having sex with his girlfriend at the time of the crash, reports the Independent.

According to the Irish Independent, Ruairi Canning, 31, a father of two, denies two charges of attempted grievous bodily harm by dangerous driving and driving with disqualification and without insurance and failing to report an accident, by remaining at the scene of the accident and not stopping.

Explaining the case, a police officer told Derry Magistrates Court that he received a report last Friday evening from a member of the public who said he was concerned about the dangerous way in which a brown Volvo S60 was being used in the area of Skeoge. the city.

The reporter said the car narrowly missed pedestrians and called the driver, the suspect, to the police.

Members of a mobile patrol entered the area. They spotted the Volvo and radioed for backup. The car was parked in the center of Buncrana Road, near the junction with Upper Galliagh Road.

“Initially they [the police sergeant and the constable] thought the driver was going to give himself up and the sergeant got out and approached the Volvo. The sergeant heard the Volvo revving and he drew his baton, with the intention of striking the car windscreen. The car then reversed towards him at speed and he had to jump out of the way. The officer in the police car tried to block the road but the Volvo connected with the police vehicle, causing significant damage. The sergeant also sustained slight injuries to his neck and right arm as he had to jump out of the way of the Volvo, which, after the incident, drove off towards Whitehouse Park,” reports Independent.

Two days later, the Brandywell Avenue defendant was located at his home and arrested.

He denied being the driver of the Volvo which is still missing.

The officer said the defendant told police after his arrest that “he was with his girlfriend having sex at the relevant time”, reports Independent.

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