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Man’s life is saved in Sweden when drone drops defibrillator

Drone lovers everywhere are delighted to hear about how a drone was used to help save the life of a 71-year-old man who collapsed with a cardiac arrest in Swedent.

According to RTE, the man, called Sven, collapsed when he was shovelling snow outside his home.

The drone delivered a defibrillator which was lowered to the ground by a winch and was said to have been very instrumental in saving the man’s life as it was used for CPR and medicines by emergency services that arrived on the scene.

Drones are currently being tested in Sweden for use in other medical situations and it is hoped that the system will be rolled out throughout Europe.  The use of medical drones is currently thought to reach 200,000 residents in Sweden and, according to RTE’s report, “is expected to expand to more locations in Europe during 2022.”

In future the unmanned aircraft could be fitted with other medical equipment.  The use of medical drones is being tested by Everdrone, which is developing their use with other medical facilities and it is hoped that their use will continue to spread through other countries.

“You could imagine these drones delivering trauma kits in various situations… going to hard to reach islands or other places where it’s hard to go at all,” Mats Sallstrom, CEO of Everdrone explained to AFP.

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