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Manual image processing is completely unfeasible by gardai, says Harris

According to Garda Commissioner Drew Harris, analysing photographs by hand is “unfeasible and ineffective,” hence An Garda Síochána needs access to contemporary computer analytic techniques.

Commissioner Harris said before an Oireachtas committee that individual murder investigations may contain up to 50,000 hours of photographs, but the material from the Dublin riots on November 23, 2023, spans more than 22,000 hours, reports RTE.

“Digital evidence that gardaí have a duty to process is now at Big Data scale in terms of its massive volume, complexity of formats and the rate at which it is generated,” reports RTE.

“Digital crime and evidence can only be investigated with digital tools. Manual processing by garda personnel sitting at screens is becoming unfeasible and ineffective,” he told the Oireachtas Justice Committee,” reports RTE.

The Garda Síochána (Recording Devices) (Amendment) Bill, which permits the use of facial recognition technology (FRT) in the analysis of bodycam video, is being examined by the committee.

It is suggested that the technology be limited to usage in certain situations, including as riot and public disturbance investigations, as well as cases involving child sexual abuse and murder, reports RTE.

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